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1. How much do you weigh (Lbs)?
Less than 130 130-180 180-300 300+

2. Do you weigh more than what you should (given your height, gender and other factors)?
Significantly overweight Somewhat overweight Right weight Underweight

3. Do you suffer from back pains?
Yes, often Yes, at times Yes, but rarely Practically never

4. Do you exercise often?
Yes, 5-7 days a week Yes, 2-4 days a week No, 1 or less per week

5. Are your knees weak?
Yes, very weak Yes, somewhat weak No, not really

6. Are your joints, bones and muscles sensitive to impact created by vertical movements?
Yes, a lot Somewhat but not much Not at all

7. Will it help you to get a vibration machine that helps you build bone density?
Yes, greatly so Yes, somewhat so No, my bone density is fine

8. Are you interested in WBV machine for lymph workouts (health) and detoxification?
Yes, absolutely Somewhat - neutral Not really

9. Are you interested in WBV as a low-effort form of fat burning?
Yes, very much so Somewhat Not really

10. Are you interested in WBV as a low-effort form of cardio exercise?
Yes, very much so Somewhat Not really

11. Do you suffer from diabetes?
Yes No

12. Do you suffer from fibromyalgia?
Yes No

13. Do you suffer from osteoporosis?
Yes No

14. Do you suffer from osteopenia?
Yes No

15. Does EMF or Radio Frequency (such as cell phones) trouble you?
Yes, very much so - cannot bear cellphones Somewhat, not much
No, not at all, so I don't care for machines with EMF shield No idea

16. Why are you looking for vibration machines?
Easy exercise for the whole body Fitness improvement Pain relief
Health reasons Commercial reasons

17. Have you used a WBV machine before?
Yes, and I love the one that I use Yes, but I don't like the one that I use
Seen a couple but didn't experience it Seen pictures on the web
Just heard about them but haven't seen them in any form ever

18. What price range are you looking for?
Less than $1,500, in spite of high EMF and plastic $1,500-$2,500, household machine
$2,500-$4,000, basic commercial models $4,000 and above, heavy duty commercial models

19. Connecting - When do you want to get your own machine?
Right now, I need it urgently Right now, if I find a great deal
Once I get approved for financing Need to talk to you once and ask questions before buying
I want to be a distributor, so need to find a good manufacturer

20. Size of your shoes?

21. Mention any implant that you've ever had in your life. This is critical in making a choice suitable for your health.

22. Any brand that you prefer? Please mention preferred brand name if any, mention "no" or leave this box empty if you are not sure.

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